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GlobalReach-SBI is a strategic business intelligence and advisory firm with a network spanning over 60 countries.

We provide clients with powerful insights into complex business issues, and help them evaluate the impact of external forces on their businesses. We can help you assess the opportunities, scope out the competition and evaluate the risks to business in both existing and emerging markets.

We work closely with our clients to support their decision-making. Our consultative approach leverages the broad, experience-based capabilities of our principals in custom research, marketing, and strategic planning, across multiple industries, disciplines and geographies.

Over 90% of our clients have worked with us before, or come to us by personal referral. We help them manage risk and identify opportunities in international markets. They look to us for pragmatic, forward-looking advice and for help in solving unusual problems that call for “out-of-the-box” thinking.

Need help with Site Selection or Recruitment for your Clinical Trial?
"... It is the in-country presence by those who intimately know and understand the healthcare landscape that tips the scales in our recruitment direction," said Therese R. Revesz, principal of GlobalReach-SBI and member of the Patient Recruitment Global Alliance. Read about BBK Worldwide's BIO Notifier® Plus Recruitment Services, Matchmaking Success for Global Clinical Trial Enrollment. Including the link to the full release

Our Commitment
To provide research and consulting that exceed
the highest standard of the industry
To add value and penetrating insights in each assignment
To overachieve for our clients
To deliver on-time results at a fair cost
To be the kind of people you will want to work with again
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