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Megatrends that matter to cross-border business
Governance and leadership in the 21st Century
Regional / country markets
Money, finance, payments and capital flows
Management challenges / best practices for the cross-border

The changing nature of competition and competitive

Global companies and national governments
Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurialism, startups and international markets
Technology and innovation: game changers and disrupters
Regional/country markets
· Trade and investment
· Risk vs opportunity
· Political change
· Emerging markets and IBSA
· Capital flows
Eight Drivers Shaping Latin America and other Emerging Markets in 2014
Guest: John Price, Founder, Americas Market Intelligence (U.S. and Mexico).

Eight Drivers Shaping Latin America and other Emerging Markets in 2014
Guest: John Price, Founder, Americas Market Intelligence

Why Venezuela Matters
Guest: Victor Hugo Rodriguez, CEO of The LatAm Alternatives Group and Daniel Osorio, President and Portfolio Manager of Andean Capital Management, from human rights to investment opportunities.
Guest: Nate Suppaiah, Managing Editor of Alternative Emerging Investor. Nate highlights the opportunities & challenges in Africa & LatAm as they move from commodity exporters to producers of packaged & process foods.

Gullible Western executives and politicians have let the Dragon in. Must we all now play by the "China Rules?"
Guests: Nick Pechet & Pete Read. The authors of the disturbing soon-to-be-published, "China Rules".

IBSAWorld: BRICS 2.0?
Guest: Tosh Sheshabalaya, IBSAWorld founder discusses investment opportunities within IBSA countries which are far closer to each other than to their BRICS partners, Russia and China.

Latin America: will growth continue or is it doomed to repeat a commodities boom-bust cycle?
Guest: John Price, Managing Director of Americas Market Intelligence and co-editor of "Can Latin America Compete?"

Germany 2013 - the Election, the Euro, the EU & Global Business
Guest: Tim Brouwer, CEO of SVP Deutschland

East Asia Shifts Gears: Opportunities & Uncertainties as China, South Korea & Taiwan Rebalance Their Economies
Guest: Paul Christopher, Wells Fargo Advisors Senior International Strategist, provides insight into a host of issues in East Asia that cannot help but effect Europe and the U.S.

Africa: Can the Momentum Continue in 2014?
Guests: Terence McNamee of South Africa's Brenhurst Foundation considers this question. Africa has been receiving a lot of good press. Will 2014 see a backlash to the Africa rising narrative?

Why Africa? Why Africa Now?
Guest: Dr. Greg Mills is the director of the Brenthurst Foundation (a South African based-think-tank), Strategy Adviser to the President of Rwanda (2008) and co-author of "Africa's Third Liberation: The New Search for Prosperity and Jobs."

Hitting the Viral Trifecta and The (Often) Forgotten Markets of Central & Eastern Europe
Guest: Stathis Karaplios is the Cofounder and Managing Director at EMBS Group (Poland)

The Chavez Effect: Is the Latin American pendulum swinging Left (again)?
Guest: Victor Hugo Rodriguez, CEO of LatAm Alternatives

Hot Opportunities in China's Consumer Market and 6 Common Mistakes that Get in the Way
Guest: Casey Xiao-Morris, founder and owner of Leverage China, LLC