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"Global Reach" Broadcasts

Megatrends that matter to cross-border business
Governance and leadership in the 21st Century
Regional / country markets
Money, finance, payments and capital flows
Management challenges / best practices for the cross-border

The changing nature of competition and competitive advantage
Global companies and national governments
Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurialism, startups and international markets
Technology and innovation: game changers and disrupters
Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurialism, startups and international markets
Pipeline to Tanzania's Future: Innovative Swiss Partnership Empowers 250+ Women Entrepreneurs
Guests: Ralph Schonenbach, CEO of Switzerland's Trestle Group and Dana Brice Smith , Co-Founder and Managing Director of Trestle Group

The Real Future of Finance: Millennials and Money
Guest: Lisa Halpern, Founder and CEO of Kiboo Life, a social banking & financial literacy start-up that engages young people and encourages them to make wiser use of their money.

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Going Global
Guest: William B. Bierce, Managing Attorney and founder of the award winning business and technology law firm Bierce & Kenerson, PC

The Next Phase of Global Growth: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs
Guests: Lynne Patterson, Co-Founder and Director of Pro Mujer (U.S. and Latin America)and Ralph Schonenbach, CEO of Trestle Group and Board Member of the Trestle Group Foundation (Switzerland)