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"Global Reach" Broadcasts

Megatrends that matter to cross-border business
Governance and leadership in the 21st Century
Regional/country markets
Money, finance, payments and capital flows
Management challenges / best practices for the cross-border

The changing nature of competition and competitive advantage
Global companies and national governments
Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurialism, startups and international markets
Technology and innovation: game changers and disrupters
Technology and innovation: game changers and disrupters
· Solutions
· Opportunities
· Building an innovation culture

Always a Global Reach: Lessons from Multi-country, Multi-cultural Clinical Trials
Guest: Matt Kibby, Principal for Technology & Innovation, BBK Worldwide

Globalization: Increasing Income Divide + Powerless Politicians = Poor Policy Outcomes, Unintended Consequences and Greater Business Risk (An Interchange Example)
Guests: Roy Stephenson, Strategic Planning and Marketing (UK) and Sonny McKinney of GlobalCollect

One Million Acts of Innovation (2013): What Makes Your Business Come Alive?
Guests: Taimor Zaiman, Chief Viral Officer of The Access Group and President of Canada's One Million Acts of Innovation, and OMA chair, John King, rogue scholar & CEO of Cultural Architecture

China's Big Hack Attack – What Does it All Mean?
Guests: Economist Alan Tonelson (US Business & Industrial Council) and cyber security expert Anup Ghosh (Invincea)

Smart Cards in Healthcare: a global solution that might save megabucks for Medicare
Guest: Michael Magrath, head of the Smart Card Alliance's Healthcare Council and Alliance chairman Randy Vanderhoof

What the Promise and Peril of Radical Evolution Could Mean to Your Global Reach
Guest: Futurist Joel Garreau